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Lorena Canals Rug

I’ve been on a mission lately to find quality area rugs, that can handle the madness of four little kids and two old dogs. We had to discard our living room rug recently because it had become unsanitary in our house. Gross. It’s just really hard to clean most rugs.

Basically, we need rugs that can withstand all the messes these tiny creatures tend to make, and that is hard to find. Except…  this type of rug does exist, and we’ve been thrilled with its addition to our home! We’ve had the Bereber Beige rug by Lorena Canals for a few months now, and I am absolutely in love!

We put it in our son’s bedroom since he plays on the floor all the time, and it has become the spot we all go to roll around with the baby. It’s 100% natural cotton with non-toxic dyes, and the best part is… it’s MACHINE-WASHABLE. Yes, that’s right, you can throw that beauty in the wash, which I did after the flu swept through our house a few weeks ago, and actually clean the rug.

Not only is this rug durable, its also versatile! I picked the Bereber because I can envision using it in multiple rooms in my house. I also use it for many of my IG posts when staging photos.

Baby photo shoot! This is also the space we bring her as she’s learning to roll and crawl, because it’s soft and safe.

A lifestyle look. I will seriously just stand in this room and rub my feet into this rug because it’s so soft.

We love this rug and highly recommend you check it out at Lorena Canals! 

They have a variety of rug styles for kids and home. They also have washable cushions and baskets that are adorable.

**I was given the Bereber Beige Rug compliments of Lorena Canals. As always, the reviews and opinions of products are my own.**

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