The FASTer Way with Becca


Y’all… I’ve never in my life been able to stick to a “diet” plan or eating plan for more than a hot minute. I struggle when I feel deprived and I’m sure many can relate because once you tell me I can’t have something, it becomes all I want. So there’s that. 
Plus, life is crazy busy with 4 small kids, a traveling husband, doing respite for foster families, and the madness that has become school and after school activities. I can give you an excuse for everything (or at least I could), until I started The FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS®, in July 2018!

You see, almost two years ago, I was in a downward spiral with my body, energy, and confidence, and I was miserable. I was too busy taking care of everything and everyone else, that I had completely neglected to take care of me. I knew I had to do something because I was drowning in exhaustion and unhealthy habits. Luckily, my friend introduced me to The FASTer Way® at this time and I joined with some hope, but mostly out of pure desperation.

I completed a six week round of The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program and it changed everything for me! Intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and macro tracking have become my lifestyle. I never feel deprived (actually quite frequently I am too full) and I eat all the things If they fit in my macros for that day! I’ve learned how to fuel my body so that it effectively burns fat and I feel so much healthier and happier!

Two Rounds of FWTFL

For me, this journey goes well beyond weight loss. It’s about feeling and being well for myself so that I can be those things for my family. I gained so much energy, strength, and confidence, so I did a second round and during that time realized that I had found my new calling. It didn’t hurt that I was also seeing some amazing physical results (I worked my butt off, literally) I went through the interview and certification process and became a Certified Coach!  I launched my first round in December and cannot even begin to express the amount of excitement I feel each day I get to walk through this program with my clients… my people! 

I wear my Pink Tank proudly!!!

I want all of you to know that it is possible to change your body composition, increase your energy, and enjoy your health while eating a ton and not over exercising! This is not a fad diet or quick fix solution and is most definitely not about a number on the scale. The FASTer Way® program is designed to equip you with the tools to become a healthier and happier you for the long-term and even though we are working to burn fat, we are also learning to be gracious and loving to our bodies and our minds. We practice Progress over Perfection and celebrate the many Non Scale Victories that are won each and every single day!

In six weeks (entire first week is prep), you will learn the importance of when, why, and how to fuel your body to become an effective fat burning machine. With commitment and consistency, you will experience amazing wins and find a lifestyle that is completely doable and full of food freedom! I will support you with accountability and encouragement the entire way! I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces in the group and cheer you on as you experience the wins of The FASTer Way®!!! Join me here! 


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