Holiday Gift Guide for your MIL

I actually want or have everything on this gift guide! Most of it is a little pricey but don’t our MIL’s deserve something nice after raising our wonderful husbands! I will also include some links to similar products at a lower price point. I hope you enjoy shopping and would love to know what items you purchase to give your MIL!

one  //  Ugg Bathrobe  // This is so comfy and cozy. Not to mention great quality!

two  //  Ugg Slippers  // Who doesn’t love a great pair of slippers to wear around the house during the winter months? These are so good! I love these Target slippers, too!

three  //  PJ Set  // Some comfortable and cute

four  //  Lululemon Align Leggings  // The most comfortable pair of leggings and the best quality. Added bonus, they just make everything look good!  *I also love these Amazon Dupes that come in a ton of colors. (I have black, olive green, and dark teal)

five  //  Beautycounter Countertime Regime //  BeautyCounter has found a way to make anti-aging skincare safe. This regime uses a plant-derived Retinatural Complex. Countertime is designed to visibly firm, brighten, and plump the skin. This gift is perfect!

six  //  Allbirds  // Such a great pair of comfortable shoes to wear in the winter. They are also machine washable. I LOVE these!

seven  //  Ember Mug // Because who wants cold coffee or tea? This is a temperature controlled smart mug! I got one for Christmas last year and love it!

eight  //  Silk Pillowcase  // I am a big fan of a silk pillowcase. Not only does it feel nice when you are sleeping but it’s good for your hair and skin.

nine  //  Barefoot Dreams Cardigan  // The best and most comfy cardigans to wear all winter long. This is at the top of my list! I gave one to my mom last year and she wears it all the time! Giving one to my MIL this year (Gigi, don’t read this!)

ten  //  Beautycounter Rosewood Lip Trio  //  This trio includes lip gloss, sheer lipstick, and color intense lipstick. I’m not sure who wouldn’t love this gift.

eleven  //  Pashmina Scarf  // I love the look of this scarf. It is elegant and trendy and a great bargain! I wear my tan one all the time!

twelve  //  Yeti Wine Glasses  // What woman doesn’t love a glass of wine? These yeti wine glasses are cute but will also keep your rose or whites nice and cold.

Budget Friendly alternatives:

robe  //  slippers  //  PJ Set  //  Leggings  //  Tennis Shoes  //  Mug  / Silk Pillowcase  //  Comfy Cardigan  //  Insulated Wine Glasses


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