Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

Toddlers are so much fun to shop for and I am excited to share some of my favorite gift ideas for this age group!  I tried to keep it simple by including links to three of the most popular stores for kid’s toys:  Walmart, Amazon, and Target. I also tried to focus on toys that will last and promote coordination, imagination, and manipulation. (2)

one  //  TOY MANIPULATIVES // Walmart // Target // Amazon // I love having manipulatives that help teach counting, colors, sorting, etc.!

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two  //  KITCHEN  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  Berkeley has this kitchen and loves it! I decorate for the holidays and it is adorable.

The Kitchens below are also adorable!

three //  LEARNING TOWER  //  Walmart  //   Amazon  //  Everyone that has a learning tower loves it. Your kiddo can eat standing up, stand and help you make dinner, really the possibilities of what can be done using one of these is endless.


four  //  BALANCE BIKE  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  These bikes are the perfect way to teach your toddler to balance and prepare for the real deal.  My three older kids have all learned to ride bikes with balance bikes first. Berkeley is ready to start learning too!


five  //  MAGNET TILES  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  These tiles are fun for toddlers and even your bigger kids. They are so much fun and it’s so cool to see your littles imaginations and engineering skills at work. We’ve had ours for 10 years!


six  //  BEAUTYCOUNTER KIDS BATH COLLECTION  //  I use this whole collection on all of my kids. I feel so strongly about putting safer ingredients on their bodies and hair.


seven  //TOY SHOPPING CART  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon //  This is a great gift for all toddlers and they will use it well into their childhood! We have always had a shopping cart in our home where they can pretend to shop, do laps around the house (exercise), or take all of their dolls and stuffed animals for rides.


eight  //  WOOD TARIN SET  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  I’m not sure this one even needs an explanation because what little boy or girl isn’t obsessed with trains at some point? Also, putting the tracks together works on their critical thinking skills and fine motor skills. These also last for so long! My MIL passed down my husband’s old wooden train tracks (we’ve added in some), and we plan to pass them to our son to give to his son one day!


nine  //  WOOD BUILDING BLOCKS // Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon // Again, I am a big fan of wood toys that last and help kids use their imagination and fine motor skills! B is getting these for Christmas this year.


ten  // SCOOTER //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  


eleven  // MINI TRAMPOLINE /  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon // My kids have all loved having a mini trampoline as toddlers because they can bounce and get all of that energy out, especially in the cold winter month days, when we can’t get outside! It’s fun and they get exercise!


twelve  //  PAW PATROL ULTIMATE FIRE TRUCK  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  You all know how obsessed Berkeley is with Paw patrol and I just think this is a great toy for any toddler. It is fun but also encourages imagination.


thirteen  //  BEANIE  //  Walmart  //  Target  //  Amazon  //  Every kid looks adorable in a beanie even if you live someplace warm. You can also get matching hats like Berk and me! We have the black and the white.

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