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FASTer Way to Fat Loss not only transformed my life in the last year, but it has led me to be a part in transforming hundreds of other lives! Coaching people into healthier and happier lifestyles is one of my most favorite things to do!

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“My biggest win is fasting until 12 every day and incorporating the workouts with my already busy summer life!! It’s been a positive change so far!”

“My biggest win is just overall feeling better with more energy!”

FWFL client

“My biggest win is fasting! It makes me feel better and with coffee it’s possible.”

FWFL client

“In December I had my annual physical and my cholesterol was elevated. My doctor told me that this was a genetic issue (my Dad had high cholesterol, even though he was a runner) and not much I could do since I already ate healthy and wasn’t overweight. Soon after that appointment, I started Faster Way. I just got my blood taken again to see if carb cycling, IF, and the Faster Way exercise plan had helped, and my cholesterol was down 42 points!”

FWFL client

“Yesterday I realized that I had been living TFWTFL lifestyle for 6 months! I really couldn’t believe it because it just seems so natural now. Not every day do I have perfect macros or lift the heaviest weights, but it’s day by day. I have seen body composition changes, weight loss, better skin, stronger muscles. I am a better role model for my girls (emphasizing nutrition without using the word diet). I make better relationship choices- progress over perfection for sure in this area! So fun to make this realization going into a long holiday weekend so I can take a moment to celebrate.”

FWFL client

“I fell off the wagon hard on Tuesday. It was one of those days. Really worn down. Really craving all the bad foods. But what I love so much about this program is I no longer beat myself up about those days. I enjoyed it, and Wednesday was a new day to try again. On other programs I would have waited for the start of a new week or he next weigh in day but not on this program and that’s one of my favorite parts.”

FWFL client

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